New investment management firm O-IM launches

O-IM, a new investment management firm, launches today, aiming to provide affluent and HNW UK investors with the levels of personal service, bespoke portfolio construction and wide-reaching market access they would expect from a private bank – without the high investment thresholds or performance-threatening fees. 

The firm writes that by harnessing the latest technology, its experienced team of researchers, investment specialists and investment managers service clients anytime either in person or online.

Founded by Lewis Hamm and Carl Stelfox, two risk and wealth management specialists with over 35 years of combined experience at J.P. Morgan, O-IM is a multi-asset, multi-strategy investment manager that allocates to a broad range of products and believes in direct equity exposure alongside passive and active funds.

“Trapped between private banks that are inaccessible to all but the wealthiest and mass market providers that offer only a narrow range of pooled, often passive and often expensive, investment products, a significant number of UK investors have for too long been underserved,” says Lewis Hamm, Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer of O-IM.

“We’re here to change that. We’ve jettisoned the stuffiness and mountains of paperwork but we’ve kept the important elements of a high-end investment manager: robust risk management, experienced human investment advisers, and – most importantly – an unrelenting focus on treating each client as an individual with very specific goals.”

“We designed O-IM from the ground up to be efficient, agile and environmentally conscious,” says Carl Stelfox, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at O-IM. “Our clients enjoy all the simplicity and convenience the latest technology can provide: they’re onboarded digitally; documents are signed electronically; and portfolio updates, insights and reports are
published online.” 

O-IM is open today, providing goal-driven, bespoke investment management with unpretentious ‘anytime, anywhere’ service to investors with investable assets of GBP250,000 or more, the firm writes. It offers fully managed portfolios, trading (with or without advice) and consultancy.

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