Janus Henderson partners with The Big Exchange

Janus Henderson Investors has announced a partnership with The Big Exchange, the inclusive financial services platform for people seeking to invest and for those who are looking to make a positive social and environmental impact, as well as generate returns.

Launched 11 months ago, and co-founded by The Big Issue, this pioneering investment and financial services platform offers a wide range of 50 independently rated socially and environmentally responsible or sustainable funds direct to a retail audience.  

Janus Henderson has initially proposed three funds to be hosted on The Big Exchange; these have been put forward for The Big Exchange’s impact assessment and, if rated, will be available for retail investors by the end of 2021. Those funds are: the Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Fund, the Janus Henderson UK Responsible Income Fund and the Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed Funds.  

Since its launch in October 2020, The Big Exchange has already attracted a Best Buy Sustainable ISA rating from Boring Money, the money and investment advice website, and is growing its customer base on average by 150 per cent month on month. It is also attracting a diverse customer base with a significant number of female, first time and younger investors joining their movement.

Jill Jackson CEO of The Big Exchange says: “I am delighted to welcome Janus Henderson as a partner of The Big Exchange. This is an exciting step for our business, and our shared vision will allow us to continue to give consumers the access, support and choice to invest their money in funds that are seeking to provide a financial return by using a responsible or sustainable investment approach.”

Simon Hillenbrand, Head of UK Retail for Janus Henderson says: “We are delighted to support The Big Exchange, and we hope to accelerate their work; our partnership demonstrates Janus Henderson’s commitment to meeting the needs of our investor’s and working toward a more sustainable world.  Janus Henderson is also committed to making the asset management industry more transparent; we hope that our partnership increases the momentum behind The Big Exchange’s mission to promote sustainability, inclusivity and fairness in finance, and signifies the growing tide of demand within the investment industry to provide trusted responsible or sustainable products to retail investors.”

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