Alternative ways to green your portfolio

Morningstar figures show global ESG fund assets hit USD2.74 trillion at the end of 2021, the majority in Europe, but how can investors and their advisers access a range of ESG funds through ETFs?  And how do specialist ESG ETFs work in practice?


To answer these questions and more on behalf of professional investors, ETF Express, HANetf and Asset TV assembled a panel of investment experts for a live broadcast on 1st March 2022.  To watch the Replay please click here.

Beverly Chandler from ETF Express was joined by: 
Eric Strand, CEO, AuAg Funds
Gabriela Herculano, CEO and Co-Founder, iClima Earth
Phil Beattie, Head of Strategic Partnerships, SparkChange
Chris Versace, CIO, Tematica Research

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