Chris Mellor, Invesco

Invesco’s gold ETC reaches record high in assets as investors predict further rise in gold price

Tue, 25/06/2019 - 10:52

A new study from Invesco reveals that 72 per cent of professional investors believe the gold price will rise in 2019, while Invesco announces that the amount of assets invested in Invesco Physical Gold ETC has reached a record high on the product’s 10-year anniversary. »

Ross Norman, Sharps Pixley

Sharps Pixley predicts possible bull run in gold

Tue, 18/06/2019 - 11:55

According to Ross Norman (pictured), CEO, Sharps Pixley, a London-based bullion broker, gold could be in the very early stages of a bull run. »

Gold bars

Physical gold demand surges as political risks heighten uncertainty

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 17:40

Over the last seven days, The Pure Gold Company has seen a 378 per cent increase in first time investors purchasing gold bars and coins compared to the weekly average for 2019. What's more, there has been a 63 per cent increase in financial professionals and bankers investing in physical gold, according to the firm. »

Allan Lane, Algo-Chain

ETF issuers strike gold in Saudi Arabia

Thu, 30/05/2019 - 11:52

This week our columnist Allan Lane of Algo-Chain writes on the difficulties of identifying the next best thing in ETFs… »


Diamond Standard launches fungible diamond commodity

Fri, 03/05/2019 - 07:13

One-year-old startup the Diamond Standard Co has launched the world’s first fungible diamond commodity product – a universal asset to secure any digital transaction. »

Crude oil supply glut or not?

Tue, 04/12/2018 - 10:04

Ivanova, portfolio manager at Expat Capital, writes on the recent volatility in the oil price… »

Gold ready for a move higher, says WisdomTree’s Shah

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:16

Nitesh Shah, Director at WisdomTree, has issued his most recent outlook on Gold in which he discusses why he believes price appreciation is overdue.   “The yellow metal fell 4 per cent in the three months from the end of June – a decline that we do not believe is justified by the 11 basis-point rise in bond yields and 0.4 per cent gain in the US dollar over the period. Rather, gold’s poor performance seems to have been driven by a collapse in sentiment.”   »

WisdomTree Europe says gold ETP inflows continue to strengthen

Mon, 10/09/2018 - 17:19

Gold ETP inflows worth USD54.9 million garnered momentum for the fifth week in a row last week, writes Aneeka Gupta, Associate Director, Research, WisdomTree Europe. »

WisdomTree expands currency hedged classes for CoCo and Commodities ETFs

Tue, 04/09/2018 - 09:11

ETF provider WisdomTree has listed new currency-hedged share classes for the WisdomTree AT1 CoCo Bond UCITS ETF and the WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity UCITS ETF on the London Stock Exchange. »

Long silver ETPs see largest inflows

Mon, 03/09/2018 - 16:47

Nitesh Shah (pictured), director, research at WisdomTree writes that last week saw long silver ETPs receive the largest inflows in 14 weeks as price declines appeared overdone. »


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