Dolfin looks to Latin America for new clients and investment diversification

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Wealth management firm Dolfin has been fulfilling its franchise for offering its services in the emerging markets by partnering on a recent event and report on the Dominican Republic.
It’s a home from home for Nick McCall, head of wealth management at Dolfin, who grew up in Latin America, has worked there, and is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.
“Latin America is under-represented in our coverage of emerging markets,” McCall says. “We wanted to develop it as a business area for high net worth individuals. There are two sides to our initiative, targeting high net worth investors but also looking for investment opportunities there may be with financial institutions which would enrich our exposure to emerging market securities, so a double pronged approach.”
McCall feels that it is good timing as Latin American investors are increasingly looking at the UK rather than Miami.
“Primarily, I think some of the economics in Latin America point to both high net worth and institutional investors, such as pension funds, looking to invest more outside their own domestic markets,” McCall says.
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